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A Geography of Reading

"It is by reading novels, stories, and myths that we come to understand the world in which we live." -Orhan Pamuk

Book Reviews for Writers

The book reviews on this site bring together my love of literature, political science background, and experience living abroad in an attempt to understand the world. As a novelist, I also write about what these writers teach me about craft and how they influence my writing.

Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b - Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b Navigating Diaspora in The In-Between World of Vikram Lall, Kenya, and India

How many book reviews can I write about diaspora? Maybe a lot because the feeling of not knowing where or what home is is something I struggle with. So when I picked up The In-Between World of Vikram Lall by MG Vassanji as part of the great India book grab, thinking that because the author’s […]

Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b - Wet Silence – The Poetry of Widowhood

How many ways can you write about widowhood? In Wet Silence: Poems about Hindu Widows, Sweta Srivastava Vikram explores every nuance of what life is like for a Hindu widow in India. It’s as much a human exploration as a cultural one as Vikram delves into the aftermath of the complex relationships that underlie arranged […]

Latin America
Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b - The Narrative of Genius in Chef’s Table on Netflix

I started watching Chef’s Table because of the “cover” art—a beautifully constructed and impossibly tiny dish of food. Like many Americans, I’ve become enraptured in our recent conception of food as art and this show seemed like the culmination (or at least a new level) of that art. What I didn’t realize is how much […]

US & Canada Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b - Carmen Maria Machado, Paige Cooper, Siri Hustvedt and What We Expect of Women Writers

The recent “describe yourself like a male author would” meme is a reminder not just that there’s a whole lot of bad (read: thoughtless) writing out there, but that we love to apply categories to understand the world. This completely reasonable coping strategy for our overloaded brains comes with a danger, though, of not only […]

Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b - Contemplating Zoroaster’s Children by Marius Kociejowski

I’m always excited when I get a package from Canadian publisher Biblioasis. The books they publish (including Alphabet, The Tuner of Silences, and The End of the Story) are intelligent, creative, and well-written and Zoroaster’s Children by Marius Kociejowski is no exception. To call Kociejowski a travel writer is to do him a grave disservice. […]

Eastern Europe
Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b - Books that Don’t Make the Cut

If you’ve read more than a few of my reviews, you’ll notice that I usually only take the time to review books I like. That’s because I prefer to delve into the positive aspects of a work but also because my time is valuable and I often don’t finish books I’m not enjoying. At the […]

South Pacific
Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b - Crafting Emotional Honesty in In the Quiet by Eliza Henry-Jones

It’s not hard to trigger a newish mom’s “what would happen to my family if something happened to me” fears, but it is hard to sustain a quiet story over 350 pages. In In the Quiet, Eliza Henry-Jones does both so beautifully that not only did I feel immersed rather than manipulated, but I stayed […]

Western Europe
Zapatillas 19187 |Zapatillas adidas | b40260b - Revisiting a Beloved Childhood Favorite for #TheDarkisReading: The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper

When I saw on Twitter that Robert Macfarlane had proposed a book group where we all start reading The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper on Midwinter’s Eve (the day the book starts) and share our experiences under the hashtag #TheDarkisReading, I was in heaven. He’d brought together my so many of my favorite things […]

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